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Research & Development Team

Research & Development Team

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Research Director Dr. Zide Mooni OMD, BAMS, ND
Miami, Florida

Dr Zide Mooni is the research director for Mahima for Life. With over 20 years and at least 2 generations in the profession of Ayurvedic Medicine has allowed Dr. Zide to refine the classical formulation as well as treatment protocols for various health conditions. He has also spent the past 18 years studying and refining the ancient Ayurvedic system of Medicine with Yogis in India and with the well esteemed Yogi Devakrsnananda and his dearest teacher and brother Professor Ghanshyam Singh Birla in the field of Ayurveda, Vedic Palmistry and Astrology. Combining this knowledge with his past experience gained from his Taoist teachers and Mentors and Family Practitioners has also allowed him to integrate this wisdom more effectively and perform Miami Oriental Medicine.

Ayurvedic Mentor Swami Devakrsnananda
Ayurveda Acarya India

An Acarya in Yogic Medicine, Yogi Devakrsnanda is well versed in the ancient system of Tantric Spirituality and Yogic Philosophy and Healing. He is true to form in his knowledge and background in Ayurveda and is one of Dr Mooni’s mentors as well as teachers. Using his wisdom of the classic Ayurveda Herbal Medicine Formulas, he works with Dr. Mooni at Mahima for Life in reformulating the formulas for a more modern adaptation. Swami Deva is also one of the founders of Seva Dharma Institute of Ayurveda now called “Mahima Institute of Ayurveda and Natural Medicine”.

Vedic Studies of Astrology and Palmistry
Professor Ghanshyam Singh Birla Phd.

Professor Birla is one of the true pioneers of Vedic Astrology and Palmistry to the western world. He is also the Founder of the largest and most renowned Vedic Astrology institution in Canada. Also being an author of numerous books on Palmistry, Astrology and healing, Mr. Birla is launching a refined system of integrative healing using Palmistry, Astrology, Herbs and Gems called “a Birla Concept”. This project is on its way with support and assistance from Mahima for Life Research Team.

Chinese Medicine Expert
Dr. Lionel Gaskin Mayers DOM, A.P, Cht.
ND Trinidad

Dr. Mayers is a Professor and Master in the art of Oriental Medicine as well as Martial Arts. Being in the profession for at least 20 Years has allowed him to refine his understanding and expression of this remarkable art. He has been a supporter, well wisher and also a key player in R & D at the Mahima for Life project. His background also includes Hypnotherapy, NLP and research in herbs of the Caribbean Islands.

Integrative Medicine Expert
Dr. Cathy March OMD, PT

Dr. March is also a Doctor in Oriental Medicine, but one who integrates therapies such as Neural Therapy and therapies of like into her practice. In the field also for at least 20 years, she is dedicated to help as many people as she possibly can. Her practice specializes in Cancer and Auto Immune disorders and she practices in the beautiful island of Jamaica.

Assistant Director of R & D
Dr. Maria Aguilera ND (India),
A.P Colombia

Another devotee to the healing profession, Maria graduated from India in Naturopathic Medicine. She studied Oriental Medicine in the USA and is also an Optometrist in her home country of Colombia. Her devotion to helping others has landed her the role in assisting the management team Mahima for Life as assistant to R & D. As well as being the COO of the Mahima for Life Wellness Center.

Western Medical Expert
Dr. Aigars Rezevskis MD (Latvia)

Dr. Aigars brings to the table a back ground in Traditional Western Medicine. He was a Medical Doctor in Latvia for fifteen years, and has lectured and taught workshops and classes there and in the USA on Pathology, Anatomy and Physiology as well as Biomedicine.

His expertise in Western Medicine allows us to view our products and formulations with the western mindset using the ancient ways. It allows for a complete integration and assimilation of Eastern theories and philosophies with that of a modern scientific approach.

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