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About Us

As individuals we are responsible for living a life based on principles, morality and humanitarian service. In doing so we are able to achieve physical and emotional detachment and spiritual liberation. This enables us to merge and become one with Supreme Consciousness. According to Ayurveda, there are three principal goals which are attributed to our existence.

These three simple yet basic goals are:

Art of doing and being dutiful to self and others in a selfless manner.
Accumulation of possessions for self needs and to fulfill service and not selfish wants.
Ability to satisfy self needs with simple possessions.

Our Commitment

To provide healing products and resources for a greater humanity.

Our Goals

At Mahima for Life Inc, our goal is to provide our patients and customers with the upmost respect, care and compassion in every service and product we have available. We want you to be completely satisfied with our therapies and health supplements and stand behind our product and employees to deliver a comprehensive culture of wellness and caring.

What our customers say…

Best Ayurvedic Shop in Florida
Alicia Gonzalez

I’ve been taking Lexapro for years, when I told my doctor, he advised to start taking Mahima. I stopped taking Lexapro right away and started taking Mahima the following day and I felt great.

Best Ayurvedic Shop in Kendall
Janet Krutchik

Mahima Samadhi is the best – it works like magic. I feel great; thank you!

Best Ayurvedic Shop in Miami
Jennifer Pacheco

I want to thank you for everything, the pills have been great (Relaxed Wanderer). My hair has changed completely, along with my self esteem. Thank you very much.